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Originally posted 5/31/17

Apparently one person can change the world. I’d really like to do that. I’d really love to try. Please tell me how. Okay here’s the situation…

Sometimes, the weight of the world’s problems wash over me so completely that I feel like I’m trapped in an undercurrent being sucked farther into the ocean. No matter how hard I fight to swim to shore, I know that I’m doomed to drown. In those moments I. Just. Can’t. Stop. Crying. I’m not depressed. I’m pissed!

How can we watch mothers weep over their starving babies and not say “enough is enough”? How can we pass people on the streets and deny them human dignity? How can we be so kind and generous in one situation but unfeeling and uncaring in another? How can we believe that the lives of some groups of humans can be devalued because WE were taught that THEY are our enemies? Does any of this make sense?

I woke up Saturday morning with these questions weighing heavy on my heart. I want every person to have food, a home, clean drinking water, access to health care and education. I want to end all wars and violence. I want people to be able to live happy lives of peace and prosperity, and I believe that we have more than enough resources to make it happen. But I’m just one person. Who cares what I want? The tears flowed and would not stop. Honey comforted me until the wave passed.

Not knowing what else to do, I got busy cleaning my home. It is my therapy. Three days later I am here. Awake at 3:00 am (partly due to a neighbor’s car alarm continuously going off) still pondering how I can change the entire global community. My house is spotless, but my mind is cluttered by the world’s problems. Pollution. War. Hate. Hunger. Pain. Fear. Poverty. Sickness. Heartbreak. What can I do to fix anything?

I have volunteered at so many places, I’ve lost count. I have donated time and money to feeding those who are hungry and food insecure to no avail. I have given to charities that I see as making a positive impact, and they still need more. I have recycled and done my part to clean up the environment at every opportunity, but pollution is omnipresent. I have spread more good news than bad via social media, yet negativity gets more clicks. I’ve tried to stay positive and hopeful that things will be better soon. But when will soon get here? My heart can only take so much of the pain of living in an irreparably broken world before it also breaks beyond repair.

I figure that the majority of us to need to demand the better world that we want to see. We have to stop shedding tears over our perceived powerlessness and recognize the strength in our existence. Because I am, because you are and because we care, we will live to actualize a life of peace and prosperity for all. Together we can focus our energy, time and money on those organizations and projects that are reflective of our values. Just as importantly, we must withdraw our energy, time and money from those things that no longer serve our goals or humanity. Fighting illness only gives more energy to illness. However, giving attention to all of the ways to promote health invites wellness into our lives.

So (never begin a sentence with FANBOYS!) here I am doing what I do best–writing. I may not reach one million people with my words, but I may reach one. If that one person reads my words and impacts another person and another…we will change the world, one person at a time.

I truly and deeply love you all Friends.


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