Hey Guys!

I’ve finally moved to my new fitness and nutrition site- Tall Bean. Okay, here’s the situation…

While I was thinking of ways that I can add value to the world (in general) and you guys (in particular), I happened upon the fact that everyone wants to be in good health. It turns out, I’m pretty knowledgeable about how to accomplish this goal. Therefore, I can help you.



Here is one of my latest posts about farting in yoga class.

As you can see, the content will be just as fun as it has been at AnthroNegra. The only difference is that it will be about YOU not ME.

Let’s face it, reading about me can get pretty boring and repetitive, right? I find you guys MUCH more interesting.


Come on over to Tall Bean and leave me a few comments. I’d love to hear from you! BTW, we’re also going to put out fitness videos for you to follow at home. Let me know if there are any specific issues or areas you want me to address.

Thanks for making the switch to Tall Bean. Remember to like, comment, subscribe and share!


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