Last Night I Flew

silhouette photo of mountain and calm body of water
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

Originally posted 10/28/17
Last night I flew,
Untethered to houses and cars,
Stocks and bonds,
Babies and guys.

Last night I flew,
Unencumbered by hopes,
Or dreams or plans.
No wishes, no goals.

Near sleep I drifted
Slowly into the sky
While smaller and smaller below
Life passed disinterestedly by.

I floated above and
Beyond the treetops.
When I tasted clouds,
I dared not stop.

I soared much higher
Until blues faded to black
And blacker still.
Silent stretches of free will.

Black all around.
Hence my eyes I could not trust.
Was this an empty tomb,
And I a speck of dust?

Secured in nothingness,
No worries or cares.
No judgements.
Nor fear.

Black folds of warmth
Ragged edges of chill.
No longer below glowed
that great arc of blue.

It disappeared above or behind.
Curiosity struck, so I glided
To the moon to explore
The dark side.

I landed on powdery, grey silt,
Which puffed smoke clouds
Of ash at my touch.
A presence makes me yield.

A community, ancient and alive,
Prosperous and thriving
Not working to survive.
Nothing more.

When I awoke fully,
In my skin and in my bed,
Everything was different,
Yet the same as before.

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